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Sushi Shin by Miyakawa is the Niseko restaurant of Sapporo’s Michelin three-star Sushi Miyakawa.

Chef Miyakawa has trained the Sushi Shin team of chefs in his culinary style, showcasing the best of traditional Edomae sushi while incorporating ingredients from his native Hokkaido. The innovative menu allows guests to experience unique, seasonal sushi and tsumami dishes (appetizers) packed with umami, their delicate flavors extracted precisely from each ingredient.


Guests enjoy observing and interacting with the Sushi Shin team of chefs from just across a splendid hinoki counter as the dish is constructed from Niseko’s finest produce, and the world’s choicest seafood ingredients sourced daily from Hokkaido and Toyosu fish market.

Opening Times:
Lunch: 12:00
Dinner First Seating: 17:30
Dinner Second Seating: 20:00

Phone: +81-136-56-8560