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Embark on a gastronomic journey that transcends expectations at Sansui Niseko. Our dining experiences are a harmonious blend of artistry and flavor, where every dish tells a story of innovation and tradition. Indulge in the finest flavors sourced from local ingredients, masterfully crafted by our talented chefs. From the exquisite three-star Michelin expertise of Sushi Shin by Miyakawa to the contemporary delights of Dining by LUPICIA, each restaurant is a celebration of taste, ambience, and impeccable service.



Sushi Shin by Miyakawa is the Niseko restaurant of Sapporo’s Michelin three-star Sushi Miyakawa.Chef Miyakawa has trained the Sushi Shin team of chefs in his culinary style, showcasing the best of traditional Edomae sushi while incorporating ingredients from his native Hokkaido. The innovative menu allows guests to experience unique, seasonal sushi and tsumami dishes (appetizers) packed with umami, their delicate flavors extracted precisely from each ingredient.


Dining by LUPICIA, with its casual, contemporary flair, is open all day from breakfast to dinner. The menu showcases a variety of dishes prepared using painstakingly selected delicacies of the sea and the land from across Hokkaido. At dinner time, the restaurant also offers an extensive selection of wines and spirits that have been held to the same exacting standards as the ingredients while maintaining a casual atmosphere that allows guests to feel comfortable dropping by just as they would at a bar.


Our product selection includes locally sourced food and unique souvenirs with a wide variety of skin care, aroma scents, and an assortment of handcrafted souvenirs made by local artisans.
We also provide soft serve ice cream from Niseko Takahashi Dairy Farm, locally roasted coffee and hand made cookies.


From the Winter 2023/24 season, SANSUI NISEKO welcomes one of Niseko’s finest establishments – Toshiro’s Bar. The bar is known for receiving “Best of Niseko Awards” numerous times. Indulge yourself in the craftsmanship of the master bartender, Akinori Toshiro, with a complement of Japanese-contemporary infused decor.


There’s always something going on at SANSUI NISEKO. Stay up to date with us.